University of Turin

The University of Torino (UniTo) is one of the largest Italian Universities, with about 74,000 students, 3,900 employees, 1,800 postgraduate and post-doctoral research fellows.

UniTo manages roughly 500 projects per year, both at the national and international level, with a long record of participation of UniTo in the EU strategic research agenda. Under H2020, 118 projects have been funded so far, among hich 27 coordinated projects and 9 Research Infrastructure grants.

UniTo main areas of specialisation and technological expertise are:
  • Food safety›
    Diets & behaviours

  • Food engineering for health

  • Food and ingredient traceability

  • Personalised nutrition

  • Precision farming

  • Sustainable crop protection

  • Packaging

  • Organic waste valorisation

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 8, 10124 Torino TO