Agricolus S. r. l. is a startup that develops solutions for supporting the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in agriculture.
The mission is to optimize agronomic practices by supporting farmers and agricultural operators with simple and easy-to-use Agri Tech tools, thanks to innovative technologies of data collection and analysis. The core of the company is a cloud ecosystem of precision farming applications: Decision Support Systems, forecast models, smart pest and disease control, remote sensing.
A complete solution for any agronomic need. The idea of a sustainable future, high professionalism, great experience, and dynamism define the identity of Agricolus S. r. l., whose strength is made up of a multidisciplinary team: Agronomists and Developers, GIS Technicians and Data Scientists working for modern agriculture.
Agricolus represents one of the success stories of Smart Agriculture in Europe.

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Via Settevalli, 320
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Federica Ferroni