Grupo AN

Grupo AN is a centenary cooperative and a leader in the Spanish agri-food sector. We are a second-degree cooperative formed by 160 agricultural cooperatives and 40,000 farmers and livestock owners.
Grupo AN is the largest producer of cereal in Spain and is also highly active on national and international wheat, barley, corn, rape and sunflower markets. We are mainly producers of agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables of worldwide commercial interest. We also offer the consumer our products in all possible formats: fresh, processed, fresh cut, refrigerated and canned.

Grupo AN is also one of the largest operator on the poultry market and an indisputable leader in the supplier market, Grupo AN commercializes fertilizers and fuel, which is distributed in Spain through a network of petrol stations, which are opened to the general public.

Apart from that Grupo AN also has a network of Processing companies.

One of them is the Industry of Vegetable preserves that prepares canned products which are ready to be consumed all year round. The products are commercialized both in national and international markets.

In addition, Grupo AN has a fourth and fifth range processing company. Under the commercial brand ‘Diquesí’ Grupo AN offers its products, prepared at its factory in Tudela.


Sara Esparza